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About CoureOne

COURE ONE is an Enterprise Resource and Planning solution with an array of integrated applications that SMEs and Large Businesses can use to plan and manage their various resources and business processes.
COURE ONE was borne from a vision to make life easier for SMEs and Large Business owners. It is powered by COURE an Information Technology Solutions Provider, in Lagos Nigeria. By using our understanding of business, our objective is to provide ways and the means for our customers to build successful and sustainable businesses.
What makes COURE ONE even more special is the fact that it offers a broad range of ERP products thus providing its subscribers with a variety of industry standard modules perfectly suited to their needs to achieve growth and success in their businesses

COURE ONE offers various business management software modules covering the following areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Accounting

COURE Technologies Inc., is an Information Technology Solutions Provider that has been providing businesses and organizations with high quality, honest and dependable services since 1998. At COURE, we seek out partnerships that blend our technical expertise with our clients’ industry knowledge to produce the most comprehensive and productive solution for efficiency and effectiveness.
Our team of certified professionals through the release and management of our products focus on creating solutions that are efficient in performance, effective in functionality and most importantly simple to use. We aim to seamlessly infuse technology into our clients’ daily processes without the typical downtime or learning curve experienced by other solutions.
Our general consulting services focus on increasing our clients’ productivity and ease of use through customized, integrated and dependable technical solutions to meet their unique business needs. We strive to bring projects in on time, under budget and on target. Our solid technical background, sound business methodologies and ethics combine to give our customers the advantages they need to succeed in today's competitive business and organizational environment.

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COURE Software & Systems, Ltd
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Lagos, Nigeria.
+234-1-291-6268, +234-703-270-3713